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yoga teacher training

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Yoga Teacher Training – Start Anytime

This yoga teacher training program is self paced, taking 6 months at it’s quickest.

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yoga teacher training

There comes a point on our yoga journey when we begin to feel a hunger for knowledge, an internal drive to develop our practice further. From deep inside our curiosity stirs. An inner light is awakening.

This is how it felt for Sanjay (lead teacher) when he first had the taste for more yogic knowledge back in 2002. A karmic ambition that led him to enrol in his first yoga teacher training course in 2003, and has continued to move him forward ever since.

yoga teacher training

yoga teacher training

yoga teacher training

The Phoenix Yoga Teacher Training


Phoenix Yoga Studios is presenting a unique yoga teacher training for anyone interested in deepening their practice as well as for prospective teachers. Our training is based on the Mahayana Buddhist school of thought training, focusing on the Lam-Rim which is rooted in the teachings of Compassion and Wisdom. They are a deeply grounded, philosophical and practical set of teachings, useful for daily life.

Our second unique aspect is the practical mentoring of your teaching. Unlike many teacher trainings, our aim is to impart the skills needed to teach a public class, not just in theory, but through the actual practice of doing it! This will involve one-to-one mentoring with our teaching staff, recognising your individual strengths and weaknesses as a new teacher and applying the necessary improvements.

To ensure you get the most out of your training, we limit our intake to 10 students so you can receive maximum attention and time with Sanjay.

yoga teacher training

Component 1: Personal Practice

• Physical yoga practice over 5 months (a minimum of 3 yoga classes per week, at least 1 at Phoenix).

• Completion of a Yoga Challenge (4 weeks, this is not included in 5 months yoga practice).

• Pranayama practice.

• Daily meditation in conjunction with the Lam-Rim studies.

• 1 Ayurvedic fast.

Component 2: Study

Texts we will study and meditate on include:

Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist Lam-Rim (main text) – Foundation topics include karma, compassion and kindness, anger and patience, impermanence and death, attachment.

Yoga sutras of Patanjali (supporting material)

Component 3: Class Teaching

To successfully complete this training and become a confident teacher the following is included:

• One-on-one mentoring with our teaching staff – including feedback and developing language skills.

• Public teaching, assisting and assessing classes at Phoenix.

• How to work as a yoga teacher – studio and class requirements.


Upon successful completion of this Teacher Training you will be certified to teach yoga within fitness centres, yoga studios, schools, corporate offices and more.

Phoenix does not support Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia. You do not need to be a member of either to be a yoga teacher.

yoga teacher training



You may see many teacher trainings with a schedule that runs anywhere from 14 days to 5 weekends to 3 months. So why does Phoenix recommend a longer period? Think about how long it has taken you to develop your personal practice so far. It is no quick journey! Each step must be experienced and assimilated – this is wisdom.

Therefore, we give you the time to digest what you are learning. Time to contemplate, meditate, and progress your practice under the guidance of experienced staff. This is priceless!

yoga teacher training

Lead Teacher

Sanjay has been practising since 1996 and guiding yoga students since 2003. He has a deep commitment to his personal practice and to benefiting others. His main influences have been from Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda and Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism.

He currently studies with Kopan Monastery in Nepal, and holds a Master of Counselling from Monash.

‘Sanjay is that rare breed of teacher who combines intelligent, focused instruction with an innate intuitive ability to read his students accurately both on a mental and physical level.’

More About Sanjay


yoga teacher training

Training Details

This yoga teacher training is self-paced. The quickest it can be completed is 6 months, but we encourage you to take your time – good things are never rushed!

The training is set up in separate modules, meaning you can commence at any time. All modules are required to be granted a Certificate in Teaching Yoga.

If you are not interested in becoming a full teacher, you won’t need to complete the Modules for Teachers.

yoga teacher training

Modules for Everyone

Cost: $1899

Contact Group Hours: 156

5 Months Yoga Practice

In order to complete this module you will be required to participate in at least 3 public group classes per week (we encourage more). Each week you must attend at least one class at Phoenix.

The cost of this module will vary depending on your choice of membership ranging from $506 (1 class per week) to $858 (unlimited).

Membership Options

Yoga Challenge

Complete 1 X4 Yoga Challenge. You must do minimum 5 classes per week. This module is not included in the 5 month practice module above.

An unlimited membership is required to complete this module. Cost: $220

Read More

The Essence of Yoga

Over 6 weeks we will look into the essence of yoga, from it’s history, to modern day applications. We will also study through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and learn about the yogic anatomy.

Cost: $199

More info coming soon

Meditation Level 1

Meditation is a very important part of a personal yoga practice. This course gives you initial methods to create more mindfulness – the first step in meditation practice.

Cost: $99

Read More

Meditation Level 2

This course dives into the Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist Lamrim – the graduated path to enlightenment. Over 9 weeks learn a philosophy that is very practical for our everyday life, growing the kindness and compassion that is present within us.

Cost: $299

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Pranayama runs of 4 weeks. Each week you will be given techniques to develop your breath practice. This course is essential for learning how to use the core muscles (bandhas).

Cost: $119

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Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurveda assists the body and mind practices by understanding the foods and lifestyle that best supports us. This modules is run as a workshop.

Cost: $69

More info coming soon

yoga teacher training

Modules for Potential Teachers

Cost: $2990

Contact One-to-One Hours: 43


In order to commence teacher training you will need to have completed:

• All ‘modules for everyone’

Learning How To Teach

This module includes 12 hours of one-on-one mentoring with our teaching staff.

We will develop your skills as a teacher while you practice teaching the trainer, focusing on:

• sequencing, focusing on the Phoenix Flow yoga class

• language skills

• how to make postural adjustments

• music playlists

Integrative Practice of Teaching

This module is 30 hours of training and includes:

• Observation of teaching

• Assessing observed classes

• Teaching public group classes at Phoenix

• Assisting in classes to practice adjustment skills

Safe Body Movement

This module is 3 hours of training and includes:

• How to recognise undesirable physical movement that can lead to strain and injury

• Identifying and correcting alignment

Business of Yoga

• How to work as a yoga teacher – studio and class requirements.

• Becoming a Sole Trader

• Insurance

Extra Teaching Modules


Learn how to teach a Yin class including poses, timing and sequencing.

This module will likely take 5 hours to complete.

Teacher Mentoring


This module will train you in Ashtanga, Pattabhi Jois style. Sanjay has been teaching Ashtanga since 2005, working with many students to develop and refine their practice.

To complete this module you will likely require 10 hours with Sanjay.

Teacher Mentoring

Register your interest and receive a free 15 minute chat with Sanjay:

yoga teacher training

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yoga teacher training

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