Finished TT – so what’s next?

Having a mentor to help you with your teaching and personal practice brings a great deal of grounding and confidence.

This program will do just that. One-to-one personal mentoring to work on your strengths and weaknesses.

50+hrs Yoga Teacher Mentoring – Start Anytime – 12 Weeks.

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yoga teacher mentoring

50hr Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program

Tailored completely to you, we will work on the following areas in your teaching and personal practice:

Component 1: Teaching Analysis

You will teach the trainer a number of classes to improve you skills in:

• Language

• Adjusting

• Sequencing

Component 2: Personal Practice

Your personal practice is key to developing as a teacher, but sadly is often reduced or put on hold when we begin teaching. By working with a mentor you will find the guidance and motivation to keep you on track. We will work on:

• Physical yoga practice

• Pranayama

• Meditation

• Ayurvedic nutrition

You will receive a Vedic Astrology reading to further assist your direction and purpose as a teacher, and one Reiki Healing to ground and reconnect within yourself.

Component 3: Yoga Classes

You will receive free yoga classes at Phoenix during the time you are on this training. At least 12 classes must be attended to reach the 50hrs, but you can increase your official training hours by attending more if you wish.


Upon successful completion of this 50hr Mentoring Program you will have 50 hours of continued education. yoga teacher mentoring


Sanjay has been practising since 1996 and guiding yoga students since 2003. He has a deep commitment to his personal practice and to benefiting others. His main influences have been from Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda and Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism.

‘Sanjay is that rare breed of teacher who combines intelligent, focused instruction with an innate intuitive ability to read his students accurately both on a mental and physical level.’

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Investment: $1490

• One-to-one mentoring.

• Flexible times available.

• 12 week program. yoga teacher mentoring

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