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The meaning of the word yoga is to unite – within yourself and with others.

We are on a path to something greater, a complete wellness. And that path is different for all of us. Deep down we are all looking for a place of unity, where we feel whole and complete. Through yoga and associated activities and studies we can come to find that place.

At Phoenix Yoga Studios we have put together a number of practices that will assist you in finding a connection to yourself and others. We hope you will join us and enjoy them.


To begin we dive into the world of physical yoga practice (asana). As a beginner you can try Gentle Flow, Foundation Flow and Yin. These classes will prepare your body and mind for the more challenging intermediate classes. We have designed the timetable so that you can either take a moment to rejuvenate or continue to work towards building inner strength and stamina.
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Once your yoga asana develops you can then look towards training in Slow Flow, Hot Flow and Ashtanga. These are more disciplined practices that bring a great deal of mental agility and strength.
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Timetable & Styles


The mind is the most important part of your yoga practice. Even when working on your physical asana it is the mind that keeps you motivated and positive.
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At Phoenix we have three levels of mindful course work: Level 1 Awareness, Level 2 Thinking and Level 3 Existence. The material is based on the Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, where the focus is on being the best we can be for the benefit of those around us.
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Find a happier state of mind, with less fear and anger. You can read more about each level below.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Moving Meditation

Part of finding inner freedom is letting go of fear and connecting deeper within. Allowing yourself to move and feel in the way that is true to you – without the need to ‘conform’ to an ideal. Moving meditation through our Freedom Dance brings your awareness inwards, your attention being on the more subtle feelings within your body. The music inspires your body to move and create a personal expression of who are you are.
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Each dance is based on a different theme, the music chosen to reflect that theme. Past themes have included love, power, surrender and joy. Freedom Dance is held on the last Friday of most months throughout the year.

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Ayurveda is a powerful set of healing tools that help realign and balance your body and mind. These tools are used in conjunction with your yoga and meditation practice, providing stability and rejuvenation.

At Phoenix we have an Ayurvedic study and cleanse period twice per year (with the change of season), and personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Study & Cleanse Nutrition and Lifestyle

Mantra and Prayer

Another important part of practice are powerful mantras. These are Sanskrit prayers that invoke a particular energy within, helping focus the mind toward positive ideals such as compassion and kindness. At Phoenix the syllable OM is chanted at the beginning and end of all our classes. It is the first and most powerful sound/vibration in the universe. By chanting this syllable we unify with the vibration of the universe, and as a result feel more connected to one another.
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We also spend two days each month remembering others and developing more compassion within our hearts. The more compassion we feel for others, the happier we become.

Mantra & Prayer Compassion Days


As your practice evolves you will naturally feel driven to study and learn more. So to encourage this we regularly hold workshops, courses and retreats. And if you have a question, our teachers are always happy to offer advice or provide sources of information.
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Got to the EVENTS tab in the menu to see what’s happening at Phoenix.

Basic Study for Students Spiritual Book Club

Community Spirit

The sole purpose of creating Phoenix was to offer a safe place for like minded individuals to gather, learn and enjoy time together. We encourage you to spend time with us and the other students before and after class over a cup of tea. Phoenix is a sharing space, one where you will feel welcome, supported and motivated.
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A number of times throughout the year we also showcase art and homemade goods by students in our gallery.

We support the local Heathmont Bushcare group and other local organisations who are striving to make a positive difference.

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We aim to provide benefit to the wider community through our charitable activities. These include our Water Challenge held in March, the option to add $2 to your weekly membership or $5 to a pass, and other donations made by Phoenix.
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The charitable organisations are chosen by both Phoenix and students who have a vested interest in helping others in a particular way. We hope that our small contribution leads to great positive change for all.

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