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 Yoga Ringwood is better than ever! We have 6 styles to choose from: Ashtanga, Yin, Core Flow, Move, Foundation Flow and Revive. Further your personal practice with meditation, ecstatic dance, Indian and Japanese massage (see the bottom of this page).


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We are not a hot yoga studio, however all classes a warmed to 25 – 27 degrees for safe body movement. We encourage using your own breath and movement to create an inner heat (tapas) which will assist in removing toxins from the body and bringing focus in the mind.

Please arrive a little early, studio doors are locked at class start time.

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Beginners Yoga Course

Are you new to yoga? Or just want to update your skills?

The next course starts 15 January.

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Our Yoga Styles

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Foundation Flow – Beginner Friendly

A more accessible class suitable for newer students or those wishing to get back to the basics. A slower sequence of postures that synchronizes breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility. Refine your alignment and nurture your body. Beginner friendly, all levels welcome.

Revive – Beginner Friendly

Revive is a luxurious yoga practice with movements that are slow, gentle, repetitive and rocking to create a class that is deeply nourishing. Taking inspiration from Qigong, Yoga Somatics and ancient Indian dance, one pose flows seamlessly into the next in a relaxing continuum. We focus deeply on breath and reviving the prana (energy) within the body. Each class ends with a guided meditation. Perfect end of the day practice for all levels of ability, including beginners. yoga ringwood

Move – Beginner Friendly

Get your body moving in our unique 45 minute MOVE class. Based on the essential elements of Foundation Flow and Core Flow, come alive and feel energised and ready to go! The sequence is built around sun salutations to develop heat within the body, whilst working through traditional yoga postures and core strengthening exercises. Increase functional movement and structural alignment – build strength, balance, and flexibility.


Yin – Beginner Friendly

Yin is a wonderful complement to your strong ‘yang’ yoga practice. Learning how to slow down and really ‘be’ with our body is quite difficult. These classes are the perfect opportunity to do just that. A meditative, slow-paced practice that uses long, deep stretching to enhance joint mobility and flexibility, lengthening the muscles and fascia tissue. You can experience deep releases as you work through areas of the body that habitually hold tension and stress. Yin helps restore energy and calms the nervous system. All levels welcome, including beginners.

More About Yin


Core Flow – Intermediate Level

Expect to feel your abs! This class focuses on all things core – abdominals, obliques, lower back, hips, buttocks and thighs. Drawing on Power Flow sequencing we will concentrate on strength and stability in the mid section in order to develop an inner awareness of how to hold the body safely and correctly. Every now and then we may burst into an 80s abdominal section, working the abs through a sit-up sequence. Leg warmers and fluro tights optional 🙂

If you usually practice Foundation Flow you can still attend this class, do as much as you can, and rest when needed.

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Ashtanga – Intermediate Level

Primary A Led and Mysore Classes

A traditional, powerful vinyasa practice from Mysore India, comprised of a set series of postures linked mindfully with the breath to create tapas (burning heat), to purify and unite the body and mind.

Led class – Yoga experience is necessary. The teacher calls out the postures, leading the class.

Mysore classSome Ashtanga experience is necessary. This is a self-practice class, the traditional method of practicing Ashtanga. It offers a highly personalised approach to your individual practice, creating a very intimate relationship between you, your yoga and your teacher. Your practice may be 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your level, so you arrive to class at the time that suits you.

More about Ashtanga

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Regular Events

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Meditation Courses

Meditation is an important part of our personal practice. At Phoenix Yoga Studios we promote Mindful Awareness as the first step to turning inwards and becoming attuned to your thoughts and actions. Through this practice we begin to develop an understanding of our mental habits. We begin to see from our heart rather than from our ego. Our actions then start being of true benefit to ourselves and others.

Four and nine week courses.

Level 1 - Mindful Awareness  Level 2 - Mindful Thinking  Level 3 - Mindful Existence

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance, or ‘Freedom to Dance’ as we like to call it, is like a free form yoga class. In this practice we are not trying to show our best moves or learn any steps. We simply allow our mind to get out of the way and find a natural flow, an expression of who we are on the inside. A night out dancing to awesome beats, with no one other than yourself to impress – now that sounds great!

Last Friday of most months. 

More about Ecstatic Dance

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Take some deserved time out, and support your yoga practice. Mend, heal, rejuvenate.

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