yoga bingo

25 Squares of Yoga Fun

Starts 1 April – Ends 30 April

Yoga Bingo Prizes

Prize 11 Complete Row: $5 Phoenix gift shop voucher

Prize 22 Complete Rows: (any direction): $15 Phoenix gift shop voucher

Prize 33 Complete Rows: (any direction): Phoenix Calendar, Coconut Water, $10 off Yoga Classes (total value $42)

Prize 4BINGO (all squares): Phoenix Calendar, Phoenix Room Mist, Tibetan Incense, Coconut Water, 2 Yin Class CDs by Sanjay, $20 off Yoga Classes (total value $107)

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Cards available at reception for $5.

All profits will be donated to WaterAid charity. Read more about WaterAid here.

yoga bingo