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spiritual coaching

spiritual coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Helping you to discover and live your life from your inner voice.
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spiritual coaching

What is Spiritual Coaching?

A Spiritual Coach provides services which help you discover and listen to your inner most nature.

Many people think the term spirituality relates to religion only, but it doesn’t have to. For some people, exploring their spirituality simply means exploring their higher purpose.

A Spiritual Coach will can you:

• Find your own purpose in life

• Understand the Universe and energies

• Discover deeper aspects of your spiritual life

• Develop self-love, compassion, and gratitude

A spiritual coach helps you discover who you truly are and what you truly want. Individuals learn how to define success on their own terms and in alignment with their spiritual values.

spiritual coaching

Spiritual Coaching Topics

spiritual coaching

There are some areas of life that you may feel need some guidance, and with a Spiritual Coach you can work through them:

• Feeling unfulfilled in your career

• Confusion about what you should be doing with your life

• Having a busy, stress-filled lifestyle

• Suffering from self-doubt and fear

• Feeling unable to achieve your dreams

• Longing to find a meaningful relationship

• Feeling lost or stuck in a rut

• Feeling as if you aren’t reaching your full potential

spiritual coaching

spiritual coaching


spiritual coaching

spiritual coaching


Master of Counselling (Monash University)

Sanjay has been working in the healing realm since 1996. He has spent a great deal of time studying, practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, energy healing, Buddhism and other Indo philosophies. Combining this experience with his innate counselling ability, he is a unique Spiritual Coach.counselling ringwood

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spiritual coaching


spiritual coaching

Regular Visit $14550 Minute Session
Follow Up $12550 Minute Session

Members receive 10% off.

Follow up sessions must be within 28 days to receive the discounted price.

Spiritual Coaching may be covered by an NDIS plan. Please check with your case provider and contact us to discuss this option. (Note: rates are full price under these plans).

spiritual coach

What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual Coaching, also called spiritual life coaching, explores the deeper connections between people and the Universe. They help others gain a new or deeper understanding of the world they live in and the energies that flow within it. A spiritual coach will use various healing tools to support their clients’ journeys. They act as a guide to unleashing self-trust and compassion in another person.

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spiritual coaching

Spiritual Coaching

The premise behind most models of spirituality is that we are all here for a reason. Uncovering this reason and living according to our desires is something many people feel leads to true happiness and well-being. This is something spiritual coaching can help with.

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spiritual coaching

Benefits of Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching takes a holistic approach and recognises that any one area of your life impacts upon another and so addressing your personal areas such as relationships or career can in turn lead to improvement in your health. This type of coaching differs from other approaches in that your starting point is an understanding that we all come from a deeper source that we can access through mindfulness, meditation, faith and belief and from where we can draw out our deepest values.

Spiritual Coaching Benefits
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