Tibetan Healing Incense



Tibetan Healing Incense

Beautiful Tibetan healing incense from the Kopan Nunnery in Nepal.

Lotus Blossom – The intensely fresh fragrance of this incense is based on freshly gathered juniper leaves and berries, mixed with cedarwood and sandalwood. It is invigorating, and clears and uplifts the mind.

Rhododendron Forest – The ingredients for this special incense come from trees and herbs from the high mountains of the Solu Khumbu area of the Himayalas. It is uplifting and refreshing, like breath of fresh air from the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas.

Tibetan Healing – This incense is made from a wide variety of medicinal herbs gathered and dried strictly according to traditional Tibetan medical texts. It promotes healing of body and mind.

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