Prill Beads



Drink in Good Health – all the time!

Prill Beads change the structure of water – geometry of water, making it more bio-available, more potent, and tasty. Structured water also known as “energised,” “Hexagonal” or “living” water is the form of water required for all life processes to be carried out. Structured water can improve health by providing superior hydration, enhancing nutrient absorption, improving detoxification, improving metabolic efficiency and by improving cellular communication.

The best part about Prill Beads is that you can use them again and again! Depending on your original water quality they can last 10 years or more!

Ways to Use Prill Bead purified water:

• Drink it.
• Cook with it.
• Soak or spray fruits and vegetables to improve and extend their freshness, and make them taste better.
• Plants respond to Prill water much as people do. Their cells are super hydrated and they more easily take up nutrients. Growth is stimulated and flowering is more profuse. Grow better veggies!
• Extend the life of cut flowers.
• Pour into open bodies of water to cause pollutants and toxins to begin dropping out of the water helping wildlife and plant life to flourish again.
• Put a bag or two of Prill Beads in your washing machine, creating a surfactant effect.
• Put a bag in each toilet tank to send great amounts of rejuvenating water out into the local water table.
• Use in baths for added hydration and soothing.
• Helps to heal wounds.
• Helps transform stagnant/dirty water back into sanitised, structured water.

Prill Beads are made of magnesium oxide that is produced from naturally occurring salts of magnesium found in rich brine deposits located approximately 2,500 feet below ground. The resulting magnesium oxide is ‘prilled’ (mechanical process) into small, hard pellets by high temperature firing processes making them ceramic like. A proprietary, energy-charging process is then applied to the beads, which gives them their unique energising properties.

Prill beads will never wear out or dissolve.

Available in:

• 85 gram bag to purify 4 – 5 litres at a time in a glass or ceramic jug or water filter