Hips and Hammies Yoga CDs



After years of personal practice Sanjay has discovered how to increase your stretch faster and keep it there longer. Incorporating The Big Yoga Stretch into your yoga practice will ensure your joints are opened safely without ‘pushing’ towards your flexibility goals.

The sequences are not for the faint-hearted. They will not only deepen your stretch and increase your joint rotation, but also encourage you to be brave, confident and drive through a world of emotions you never knew you had. However, make sure you still have fun and remember to laugh when the going gets tough!


•  Ever wanted to get down and touch your toes?
•  Or maybe you can touch your toes but you want to go further?
•  So far that you can fold yourself in half?!
•  The Hammies Series will really help you.

Audio CD – Total Running Time: 1hr 12mins
Poster of images for guidance

CD 2 – HIPS:

•  Discover a broader range of hip movement
•  Remove blocked and locked away emotions
•  Bring more body awareness into your daily practice
•  Start your journey towards accomplishing the splits!

Audio CD – Total Running Time: 1hr 11mins
Poster of images for guidance

Buy both CDs for $30