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Private Yoga

private yoga

Private Yoga at Phoenix

A one-on-one private yoga session to align and refine your practice.

A private yoga session is for anyone wanting to gain understanding, address certain postures and deepen their practice.

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private yoga

Private Yoga

A private yoga session means being able to ask questions, break down postures and receive personalised alignment instructions. It means becoming introduced to the fundamentals of yoga and learning ways to modify poses based on therapeutic needs from injuries or illnesses.

Receive an instructor’s undivided attention and assistance as you explore more advanced postures, learning to overcome any roadblocks and take yourself deeper into your practice and specific poses than would be possible in a public class.

Reasons to book a private yoga session

1. You want to strengthen your physical practice and would like a teacher to assess current strengths and weaknesses.

2. You would like a sequence that is tailored to your own body, mind and spiritual interests to do before class or at home as a home practice including (asana, meditation, pranayma and yoga studies)

3. You are recovering from an injury and need a practice that will support you through recovery.

4. You are a teacher and would like inspiration to reinvigorate your teachings or to refine your style.

5. You are a new teacher and need some assistance in strategising how and where to start your yoga teaching and how to modify your teaching to the students in class.

6. You want to get into yoga, but you don’t know where to start and you’d prefer to know the basics before jumping into class (highly recommended).

Our Private Yoga Programs

Foundation: The fundamentals of posture, alignment, breath and philosophy.

Master/advanced: Explore specific areas of interest and more complex asanas.

Core Strength and stability: Connect to your powerhouse. Great for lower back issues and learning to tap into the core.

Therapeutic: Use your yoga to heal. Specifically targeted to YOUR injured and therapeutic needs.

Partner: Learn to practice and assist one another for a deeper connection.


Private yoga sessions are tailored to your individual needs/wants.


• Gain confidence
• Master difficult poses
• Deepen your practice
• Understanding breath and it’s relation to your practice
• Heal and strengthen after injuries
• Learn about poses to avoid when in regular class
• Achieve personal mental, spiritual, physical goals

What to expect

• Individual attention and guidance specifically aimed at achieving your personal goals.

• 60 plus minutes of physical practice and discussion.

• Make sure you are well hydrated before the session.

• It is best not to eat a heavy meal 2 hours prior to your treatment. Some fruit or a light snack beforehand is fine.

How will you feel

Common experiences include:

“I now understand my practice better.”

“I feel more confident in regular classes.”

“My practice has become deeper.”

“My internal focus has improved.”


Regular Visit $14555 Minute Session
Follow Up $12555 Minute Session

Members receive 10% off

Follow up sessions must be within 28 days to receive the discounted price.

Yoga may be covered by an NDIS plan. Please check with your case provider and contact us to discuss this option. (Note: rates are full price under these plans).


Sanjay takes the majority of private sessions, but if you would like to see all our teachers you can do so here.

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private yoga

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private yoga

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