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4 classes over 14 days.

Available to all new students at Phoenix*
*You must live within 20kms of the studio.

Yoga Memberships

Sign up to TOTAL BLISS and receive FREE access to Phoenix On Demand yoga and meditation classes.

All memberships receive: up to 20% off workshops, up to 15% off retail, 10% off self-care (on most occasions).

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Yoga Short-term Packages

1 Class
1 Class Concession
10 Class
$240 Valid 4 Months
10 Class Concession
$215 Valid 4 Months
20 Class
$410 Valid 4 Months
20 Class Concession
$370 Valid 4 Months

No extensions, suspensions or refunds.  Terms and Conditions. Concessions are available for students, health care card holders and yoga teachers.

21 Day Return to Phoenix Pass $59

Unlimited classes over 21 days.

Available to any past student who hasn’t been to Phoenix in over 18 months.

Beginners Yoga Course

Are you new to yoga? Or just want to update your skills?

Check out the next start date:

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 Don’t want to buy online? That’s ok, classes may be purchased at the studio if you prefer via EFTPOS or cash. Visa and MasterCard accepted.

You can complete the registration form at the studio or download one in advance.

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Online Yoga and Meditation

 A library of on demand yoga, pranayama, nidra and meditation sessions.

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