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The Path – The Forth Noble Truth


‘No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.’ – Buddha

Buddha created the Noble Eightfold Path as a series of steps, or daily spiritual practices, that when followed can release us from suffering and attachments, leading us to greater happiness.

Pure Understanding
Pure Thought
Pure Speech
Pure Action
Pure Livelihood
Pure Effort
Pure Mindfulness
Pure Concentration

Using these practical tools will enable you to create a different perspective. You will see things with a fresh eye and your new perspective will create the outcome that your heart is longing for. As you practice these processes and travel the path to self-actualisation, your dreams can become your reality.

The path is no a quick fix, however, and it won’t provide you with an instantaneous answer to your difficulties, nor will conflicts just fade away. But if you are willing to practise the wisdom in these Eight Steps, your truth will be revealed.

Be aware also that the path to enlightenment is an endless process. You have to practise diligently and with discipline, but eventually you will become the path itself, and fewer struggles and sufferings will come your way. Stay on the path, do the practises and process your experiences with this new perspective.

Awakening is not something to attain in the distant future but a way of living int he now; it is experienced moment by moment on the path.



Are you feeling stuck with the same habitual thoughts, reactions and actions?


List at least 10 things you can do differently right now to create better feelings and outcomes.

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