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Letting Go – The Third Noble Truth

‘Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.’

The Buddha’s Third Noble Truth was that, in order to gain enlightenment, you have to consciously let go of all forms of suffering and delusions. Letting go is the conscious decision to detach yourself from the wants and desires of your mental, emotional and physical existence.

It means allowing things to simply be as they are, without the struggle or resistance that comes from trying to control an outcome or continually reminding yourself of an unhappy past event or negative emotion.

Many of us are carrying around enormously heavy burdens from experiences that happened in the past. constantly reminding ourselves of unhappy events and circumstances that did not turn out how we wished drains an enormous amount of mental and emotional energy as we continuously relive and remain ourselves of these part events.

Letting go is that conscious decision to fully accept both your pleasant and unpleasant experiences without judgment. this allows you to remove the negative emotions from the memory of the experience, take the lesson contained within the, learn from them and move on.

The mind obsesses while the heart is free. letting go gives you the freedom to live joyfully from your heart in the present moment.


Have you even gelt heaviness or unhappiness caused by replaying past events in your mind?


Make a conscious choice to embrace and transform these memories in the past into a powerful lesson. Let go of the memories and learn the lesson.

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