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Your yoga practice is designed to take you inwards and clear out all the yucky stuff that you don’t need in you mind and in your heart.


We hope that at Phoenix you are able to let go, and find a place within that feels good, feels alive, feels free – freedom to fly!

Life is busy! But it is up to you to generate your own happiness.

Try to arrive 15 minutes early before class so that you can take some time in the yoga room to sit, or lie down and find some inner stillness.

Focus on your breath, listen to your heartbeat – connect to YOU. Nothing else needs to be done. Just allow your mind to quieten.

happiness yoga

When you can, check in and be aware of your thoughts during class. Are you thoughts positive or negative? Let go of any negative thoughts and try to keep your mind focused on the positive.

Enjoy your practice, enjoy the lovely space you’re in – enjoy that you have given yourself the time to be with you.


When class has finished, take your positive mind and heart with you!

You can first share it with others at Phoenix – it can be easier with like minded people. Pop a block away for someone, fold a blanket nicely, ask if someone would like some help packing up or cleaning up. 

Slowly your acts of kindness will become easier in your regular life.

Phoenix Yoga Studios is a place where you can practice ALL your yoga –

• physical on the mat
• physical in actions
• clarity of thought
• loving kindness
• inner stillness
– the list is beautifully endless.

Let’s generate happiness within ourselves and others as much as we can and create a community of LOVE.

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