Nicole Choo’s classes will take you to a place where your body feels open and energised, and where your mind slows, finding a sense of calmness, strength and happiness.

Nicole’s Class Timetable

Why I love what I do

Coming from a background in the customer service industry, I am a service-oriented individual. I enjoy meeting new people and am passionate in sharing with others my practice of Yoga. My goal in the journey of sharing is to use my multilingual skill as a platform to share Yoga to a wider community and help individuals find their inner peace, strength and happiness. Stepping onto the yoga mat gives me an opportunity to be in a space where thinking slows, finding calmness, strength and happiness. Please join me on your mat to find your space!

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Nicole Choo began her yoga journey in 2006 when she was living in Singapore, starting purely for physical fitness. However, her aim evolved over the years as she learned more about Yoga. Yoga has taught her to have strong body awareness, the importance of being present, to be grateful with each experience, and to be patience for things to evolve and happen at their own pace. The idea of becoming a Yoga teacher sparked in 2010, however, it didn’t happen due to career commitment and it was parked aside for many years. She reunited with her Yoga practice when she decided to take a break from her career and the idea of becoming a yoga teacher reignited. She took her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 and commenced her first teaching in late 2019. 

Yoga Sutra 1.12 – Practice (Abhyasa) & Detachment (Vairagya) stop the fluctuation of mind. This is one of the most important yoga philosophies that has changed how Nicole views things in life. She believes in consistent practice and allowing herself to enjoy the process rather than focus on future results. 

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•  40 Hour Immersion (Nov 2020) Duncan Parviainen, HOV Academy (Online Lecture)

•  Anatomy Series: The Pelvis & Hip Joint (Sep 2020) ACY Amy Carmody Yoga (Online Lecture)

•  Workshop: Foundation of Yoga Series: Salute the Sun with Duncan Parviainen (Feb 2020) Power Living Yoga (Fitzroy)

•  Controlled Strength 4 Week Handstand Program (Nov-Dec 2019) Power & Posture (Collingwood)

•  Workshop: Freedom in Back Bending with Green Park (Oct 2019), 5D Yoga & Wellness (Doncaster East)

•  RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Vinyasa Flow (Sep 2019) Power Living Yoga (Fitzroy)

•  Controlled Strength Inversion & Arm Balances – Partial Program (Jul-Aug 2019) Power & Posture (Collingwood)

•  Controlled Strength 8 Week Inversion and Arm Balances Program (May-July 2019) Power & Posture (Collingwood)

•  Workshop: Inversion with Ching (May 2019) 5D Yoga & Wellness, (Doncaster East)