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New to Yoga?

Firstly, welcome!


We have 5 styles of classes to choose from, and our classes are lead by the industry’s best certified teachers.

From Foundation Flow to Ashtanga and Yin, there is something for everyone and all levels.

Phoenix Yoga Studios have state of the art amenities including mat & towel service, complimentary tea, and use sustainable and energy efficient materials throughout where possible. Our promise to you, is to provide an environment centered on wellness committed to quality and rooted in community.

From newbies to advanced yogis, all are welcome to join our community.

To find the class that’s best for you, read our class descriptions, then head over to our schedule and find the time that works for you.

Our Timetable.

Class Times

Why Practice Yoga?

Benefits of Yoga

Important things for yogis to know.

Studio Etiquette

Commonly Asked Questions


Doing yoga on a full stomach is no fun. Please avoid eating within 2 hours of class.

Arrive well hydrated. Please drink fresh water all day before class.

Studio door is locked at the start of class time. There is no entry after this time.

I've never taken a yoga class before. How do I start?

While most classes are suitable for all levels, Basic Flow and Yin (both Beginner Level 1), and Foundation Flow (Beginner Level 2) classes are perfect for beginners. We encourage you to chat with your teacher to let them know that you are new to yoga, and feel free to ask any questions that you may have. They are there to make sure you feel comfortable, welcome and informed.

Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to get settled in, and to complete the Phoenix Yoga Studios registration form if you haven’t signed up online already.

What should I wear? Do I need a mat?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move and stretch in. If you are attending an Ashtanga, Hot Flow or Core Flow class you may want to wear shorts, and bring a towel. We have yoga mats and towels for hire at $1.

Do I need to check in before class, make a reservation for class, or can I just show up?

We would love for you to sign in before your class. This will save you time when you get to the studio so you can head straight in and begin your yoga practice with some quiet relaxation. But if you forget we can sign you in when you get here 🙂

Register Online

Are there change rooms and showers?

Yes. We have private changing facilities and showers for male and female students.

What membership should I get?

New to Phoenix Yoga Studios? Try our Intro Pass.

If you plan on coming to yoga 1-2 times a week you may want to by a limited pass of 10 classes or sign up for the 1 or 2 Classes Per Week Membership.

If you plan to attend 3+ times per week we have an Unlimited Membership option.

See All Pricing Options

What if I just can't do a pose?

No problem! Our teachers offer different variations of the poses so that everyone can benefit and each time you come to class you will learn a little bit more. Remember there is no such thing as not being “good” at yoga.

What if I have injuries?

When appropriate it is a good thing to get movement back to the site of an injury to release the trauma and assist recovery.

Regular yoga practice can be beneficial for blood pressure concerns, arthritis, muscular tightness, recovery from broken/fractured bones and soft tissue injuries. Many yoga postures can be modified, however, we recommend speaking to the teacher prior to class to see if the style is suitable. Alternatively you can contact us if you have concerns.

We encourage you to be medically cleared to exercise, and we respect the advice provided by your chosen medical professional.

Is the room heated?

Our yoga rooms are heated to approximately 25 degrees. Our bodies like to move in warmth and participants enjoy the ease in which the muscular body becomes more pliable.  The nature of this style of yoga is that we heat the body from the inside out, and the room temperature encourages the sweat process which allows toxicity to be released form the cellular body.

If you are in Hot Flow the room will be between 30-35 degrees.

What if I am running late?

The studio door will be closed and locked during classes, therefore late arrivals will unfortunately be unable to attend class.

I'm a teen, how old do I have to be to practice at Phoenix Yoga Studios?

If you’re new to Phoenix Yoga Studios and are under 18, please bring a parent or guardian with you on your first visit so they can sign your waiver. After the waiver has been signed 14 – 17 year olds can practice without a parent present. If you’re between 10 – 13 years old, you can practice in an adult class with a parent present.

Do I need to be flexible?

This is the most common misconception which prevents people starting yoga. All that matters is that you try the right way, and then you will get 100% of the benefits, and see rapid improvements.

Is yoga cardio? Can I lose weight?

Yes. Ashtanga and any Flow class combines strength, flexibility and balance to give a complete workout to every muscle in the body, including the heart.

Is yoga covered under my health insurance?

As insurance plans can vary, please double check with your fund that the plan you are on does include coverage for Yoga.

Are there child minding facilities?

Phoenix does not provide child minding facilities. Children are also not permitted to wait in reception whilst you are in class.

 If you have further questions don’t be shy.    Contact Us

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