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What is Meditation?

The practice of meditation has been around for thousands of years. The ultimate purpose was to discover a deeper meaning to life, the workings of the mind and how it creates the world in which we live.

Many techniques have been developed to accommodate different cultures, learning styles, levels of ability etc. There is no one way in which to meditate, but one will eventually find the type of meditation that works for them. meditation ringwood

Meditation is not a dark, black hole of nothing. We are not looking to turn everything off and live in a place of nothingness.

Quite the opposite! Through meditation we seek to enliven our experience to enable a true, and deep interaction. This provides richer participation in our activities and in relationships and develops a very beautiful, kind and compassionate heart. meditation ringwood

How do we Practice?

We employ the foundation teachings of the Mahayana Buddhist school. This philosophy is very practical for our everyday life and gives us the tools to grow kindness and compassion towards ourselves and towards others.

This style of meditative thought processing develops skills in self-analysis and the ability solves one’s own problems simply and easily. It also adheres to a strong connection between oneself and all others. meditation ringwood

Meditation Courses at Phoenix

Join us for a deeper immersion in our 4 to 9 week meditation courses.

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meditation ringwood

5 Day Meditation Challenge

Enjoy 5 days of guided meditation for free!

A quick and easy way to begin your meditation practice.

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meditation ringwood


Your Teacher

Phoenix’s lead meditation teacher is Sanjay Lavoipierre.

Sanjay has been meditating for over 20 years and studied at Kopan Monastery in Nepal over several visits. His longest retreat in extended meditation was for 3 months, 6 weeks of which was in complete silence. Currently Sanjay is undergoing multiple study components as set by his main teacher Lama Zopa Rinpoche. These include Mahayana teachings, daily meditation and special preliminary practices.

His knowledge and experience is highly valuable and provides a unique class experience.

More About Sanjay
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