Mindful Thinking

9 Week Course

Meditation Level 2

Mindful Thinking


Dive into the profound wisdom of the Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist Teachings.

Open to everyone, regardless of whether you have meditated before.

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My thinking has changed in the way I view the world and other beings. I don't feel so afraid or threatened by other beings. My view has softened and opened. I'm able to remain a little more detached by events around me, therefore, I'm less stressed.

I realised just how important my life is and that I should make my best efforts to use it well. Also how brief life is and not to waste time and energy on material things.


Below: Sanjay (your teacher) meditating, studying and performing offerings in Nepal.

buddhist meditation course
buddhist meditation course

Over 9 weeks we will learn the foundation teachings of the Mahayana Buddhist school, who’s wisdom comes direct from the teachings of Buddha himself. This philosophy is very practical for our everyday life and gives us the tools to grow the kindness and compassion that is present within us.

Each week we will meditate on a topic, applying analytical meditation, developing deep concentration and connecting to our own wisdom and truth.

As humans we are constantly thinking and this practice uses that innate quality to bring change to the habitual way in which we think and react.



• Perfect Human Rebirth
• Eight Worldy Concerns
• Impermance and Death
• Karma and Purification
• Samsaric Suffering
• Anger and Patience
• Attachment
• Equanimity and Kindness

Starts 12 September 2018

9 Week Meditation Course

Wednesdays 8:15pm – 9:15pm


Open to anyone wishing to find peace and happiness in their life. 



Includes a manual and 9 audio meditations.

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‘Your mind is your greatest asset.’

Your Meditation Teacher


Sanjay has been meditating for over 20 years. He has had the privilege of studying these teachings at Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. His last meditation retreat of 3 months was based on special Buddhist practices for purification, practicing daily for 8-10hrs and observing silence and the required vows during this time. Sanjay’s daily practice includes Tibetan Buddhist meditation on compassion and wisdom.

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