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Light of Breath

Pranayama Course


Light of Breath

Pranayama Course

Find lightness in your breath with Pranayama.


Trouble taking deep, rhythmic breaths?

Expand your breath, strengthen your heart and clear your mind.

Improve your physical yoga practice with strong bandhas.

Starts Wednesday 14 August 6:15pm – 7:15pm

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What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is the ‘expansion of our vital energy.’ It is the controlling of the motion of our lungs associated with breathing. This brings a ‘lightness of breath’ both during your yoga practice and also throughout your day.

The breath is the foundation of all functions within the body – if we strengthen our breath, make it easier for our breath to flow, then our body and mind also become strong and full of clarity.

Pranayama has been part of the practice of yoga for at least 2500 years, documented in various ancient texts. Today, in the West, it is most commonly used in our physical practice of postures – asana – which we are most familiar with. However, unlike the numerous physical disciplines of yoga that have blossomed in the West, the practice of pranayama has remained mostly unchanged.

Practicing pranayama gives you more breath awareness, establishes regular breathing patterns, strengthens the heart and much more.

I can thoroughly recommend this pranayama breathing course for anyone wanting to deepen and strengthen their yoga practice. I loved the course, and really feel like it’s been an essential foundation for my yoga practice.


I really enjoyed the Pranayama course. I learned that there is a lot more to pranayama than what I originally thought.


Sanjay is a great teacher – very patient & willing to give extra time & advice to students. It was a very welcoming & relaxing way to learn. Thanks Sanjay!




• Improves your physical yoga practice
• Reduced anxiety and depression
• Lower/stabilized blood pressure
• Increased energy levels
• Muscle relaxation
• Decreased feelings of stress and overwhelm

The Course

Week 1: Bandhas, learning the breath, anatomy, preparatory practices

Week 2: Bandhas, philosophy, preparatory practices, breath 1

Week 3: Breath 2, breath 3

Week 4: Breath 4, breath 5

Your Teacher

Sanjay began practicing Pranayama separately from his regular yoga practice in 2005. His training has developed an ease of breath and strong respiratory muscles, giving the ability to stay focused and physically calm during more difficult poses. Breath work has also proven to be of benefit during periods of meditative retreat.

More About Sanjay

Starts 6 March 2024

Wednesdays 6:15pm – 7:15pm

This course is beneficial for anyone seeking an easier and stronger ability to breathe.


Includes 14 page manual.

Online (via Skype)


Prānāyāma (Sanskrit: प्राणायाम) is the yogic practice of focusing on breath. In Sanskrit, prana means “vital life force”, and yama means to gain control. In yoga, breath is associated with prana, thus, pranayama is a means to elevate the prana shakti, or life energies. Pranayama is described in Hindu texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Later in Hatha yoga texts, it meant the complete suspension of breathing.

Pranayama on Wiki

Yoga Journal

In yoga, as in life, breathing can be taken for granted. It’s something we do automatically, involuntarily, unconsciously. But our yoga ancestors understood that breath is life. This is why pranayama or yogic breathing, is sometimes referred to as the “heart of yoga.”

Yoga Journal

pranayama course

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