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Katie Collins


Katie’s classes have a feeling of strength and energy, yet leave you feeling grounded and calm.

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Why I love what I do

Teaching yoga has been one of my greatest challenges but also brings me the most amount of joy.

I truly love guiding students through a series of postures and breath techniques, watching them find their own rhythm and take time out to nurture themselves. Finding stillness & balance has always been my goal.

Yoga really is a journey, one that is eloquently summarised by the Bhagavad Gita: “Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” katie collins

katie collins


Katie Collins has travelled the world as a professional dancer, actor, choreographer and more recently an entertainment manager. She enjoyed the fast pace life had to offer but slowing down took patience, courage and a lot of dedication. Katie had a vision of finding balance in her life.

Her motivation to attend yoga was initially to replace the physical aspect of performing everyday. Athletes have a habit of telling their bodies what to do, pushing through pain barriers and injury. For the first-time Katie was listening to her body.

After 20 years of training in various yoga styles and attending numerous workshops she began to feel the benefits of the practise not only physically but mentally and spiritual. This began a domino effect of lifestyle changes for the better. The first being to slow down.

Katie has kept a regular practise with yoga teachers such as Zoltan Guba, Andrew Mournehis & Mimi Uchiyama. Recently completing her Rainbow Kids teacher Training, she adds this to her repertoire of 200 hours Flow Yoga teacher training at Power Living Australia.

She hopes to bring awareness of our connection to all things and bring stillness and balance into our lives.

katie collins

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•  Kids Teacher Training (2019) Rainbow Yoga (Melbourne, Australia)

•  Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (2018) Joan Hyman (Melbourne, Australia)

  Flow Yoga Teachers Training (2016) Power Living Australia (Melbourne, Australia)

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