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Beginner Yoga Flow Course

Master the basic essentials for a beginners yoga flow class at Phoenix in a safe and nurturing environment.
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Gain confidence, better your health and increase your body, breath and mind connection.

For new and experienced yogis.

Next beginners yoga course commences:
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Thursday 4 August 8 – 9pm

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The beginners yoga course was a very good introduction to yoga and emphasis was placed on technique which is important. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and our teacher was lovely.


Great for beginners, skilled Yogis and everything in between! I loved it and found the teaching really good! After every practise, I felt energised, relaxed, mentally and physically stronger!


The Intro to Flow course gave me the confidence to get back into yoga after several years. The teacher was patient, passionate and knowledgeable and I now feel confident that i'm doing all the postures and breathing correctly. Would recommend this course to newbies or those like me who have had an extended break from yoga.

Have you been thinking about trying yoga but didn’t know where or how to start? Well this beginners yoga course is for you!

Over 6 weeks you will dive into the world of yoga through physical, breath and mind practices designed to give you all the necessary basics for joining a regular Foundation Flow class at Phoenix. We will be focusing on the following and much more:

• Week 1: Awakening – The bare basics

• Week 2: Rising – Surya Namasaka (Salute to the Sun)

• Week 3: Energising – Vinyasa (basic flow transition between postures)

• Week 4: Opening  Common postures to increase strength and stability

• Week 5: Sensing – Basic pranayama (breath exercises)

• Week 6: Taking Flight  Mindful movement bringing inner awareness, mental focus and clarity.

Each week is accompanied by educational emails to compliment and support your training. beginners yoga yoga

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 Your Teacher

Cultivate strength and flexibility in your postures whist using mindfulness and the breath to guide you through your practise with Jade Walker. beginners yoga

More About Jade

Duration of Course

6 Week Course.
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Practice your skills by signing up for Pricing Option 2 and attend an unlimited number of classes each week! This is a great way to develop your strength and flexibility faster. Try a Yin Yoga class and feel deeply nourished, or any other beginner friendly class.
beginners yoga
Your extra classes begin after your first course class.

Option 1

$ 155

6 weeks
  • Intro to Flow class x 6

Option 2

$ 275

6 weeks
  • Intro to Flow class x 6
  • PLUS Unlimited extra classes per week (save $180)

If you have any questions about your suitability for this course please call 03 8838 2586 or send us an email.

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