Inner Light Retreat

Silent - Yoga, Mantra, Meditation

Find your inner light – Silent Yoga Retreat

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 September 2018

This May an amazing opportunity awaits to dive into the world of SILENT retreat. Join Sanjay for a weekend of yoga, pranayama, healing Buddhist mantra (as taught by his teachers at Kopan Monastery in Nepal) and Ayurvedic vegetarian food – all in the bliss of the mountains of the Yarra Valley.

silent yoga retreat

Your Inner Light is there, right there in the centre of your chest. But you may be asking: “How can I show it to the world, when I can’t seem to find it for myself.” Retreat time allows you the opportunity to be still, to be quiet and sit with your own mind. Then slowly your Inner Light begins to emerge from within. This silent yoga retreat is being held at stunning Amarant Retreat in the the Yarra Valley, just outside Melbourne.

Arrive between 2pm and 5pm Friday.

Bookings close 16 September.

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Past Silent Yoga Retreat Experiences

“Well worth participating. A unique experience that aids reflection in a beautiful location.” Karen

“Amazing experience. Thank you! Perfect opportunity to feel, heal and connect to myself and get the inner guidance.” Ilana

“The retreat was such an amazing, profound experience. It gave space for the meditation and yoga to work their magic.” Anonymous

“Great opportunity to be active, yet reflective.” Anonymous

“The food was so delicious, warm and nourishing. Every meal felt like a plate of love.” Anonymous

“I need the recipes!!! The food was very satisfying and extremely tasty. Certainly made with love.” Anonymous

“Awesome vegetarian food!” Anonymous

“Beautiful setting and divine views.” Anonymous

“Sensational views, comfy beds, perfect fires going 24/7 and plenty of space to explore on your own.” Anonymous

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About Sanjay

Sanjay has been meditating for over 20 years. His longest period of silent practice was in 2011, when he spent 3 months meditating at Kopan Monastery in Nepal, with half of this time in complete silence. During the silent practice time he experienced the outer walls of his ‘perceived’ person dissolve, and a new space of clarity and pureness radiantly shine from within his heart. By attending this retreat Sanjay wishes to awaken that space of clarity and pureness within your heart, and allow your true nature to shine.

More About Sanjay

Daily Schedule

Arrive between 5pm and 6:30pm on the Friday. Retreat concludes between 4pm and 4:30pm on the Sunday/Monday.

Each morning on this Inner Light silent yoga retreat will begin with meditation, pranayama and  Flow Yoga (based at your physical yoga level). Following breakfast there will be free time to enjoy the native Mountain Ash Eucalypt forest, walk and listen to the native birds.

Before lunch on Saturday and Sunday we take some time to learn about Purifying Buddhist Mantra and then work through this amazing meditation practice.

At 1pm a delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch will be served! After a second break, the afternoon program includes a Yin Yoga practice, to limber and refresh the body, and a second Inner Light meditation practice to go further into the heart.

Following dinner there will be a second Purifying Buddhist Mantra session.

The emphasis of this retreat is the purification. It is advised upon booking to familarise yourself with the mantra we will be practising (this will be sent to you). Silence will be practiced from waking up on Friday to until the last session on Sunday to further enhance your inner awareness and connection to your Inner Light. However if you have questions about what is going on inside your body or mind, it is ok to ask Sanjay for advice privately, away from the other retreatants.

Example Schedule

07:00 – Rise
07:15 – Morning Silent Meditation
07:35 – Pranayama (breath practice)
08:00 – Flow Yoga (physical yoga practice)
09:30 – Breakfast
12:00 – Purifying Buddhist Mantra
12:30 – Inner Light Meditation
13:00 – Lunch

16:30 – Yin Yoga
17:30 – Purifying Buddhist Mantra
18:00 – Dinner
20:00 – Purifying Buddhist Mantra
20:30 – Inner Light Meditation
21:00 – Quiet Time

Retreat Activities

Yoga Practice

Yoga as a Moving Meditation – Connect to the body with Vinyasa Yoga.

Morning Practice

Morning asana practice will be Flow Yoga. It is important to have some experience with a physical yoga practice prior to attending this retreat, but you don’t need to be an advanced practitioner – all levels are welcome. Contact Sanjay if you are unsure about your own level of experience in yoga.

Flow Yoga is a dynamic series, linking breath with postures and movement (sun salutations) to create a challenging, flowing yoga practice. This increases strength, flexibility and focus while clearing the body of toxins, leaving you feeling calm and centred.

The practice room has a heated floor, and stunning bay windows which overlook the large mountain ash forest of the Yarra Valley National Park.


Afternoon Practice

Afternoon practice will consist of restorative yoga and yin yoga. Slow movements combined with deep stretching for the hamstrings, hips, spine, chest and shoulders nourishing the body and bringing greater ease and comfort for our seated Meditation practice.

Meditation Practice

Inner Light Meditation – Developing Loving Kindness.


Connecting inwards isn’t always easy with all the distractions of our busy city lives. But this is where the practice of meditation can be the perfect tool.

Over the weekend we will develop our Inner Light through a beautiful Buddhist meditation designed to open the heart and develop loving kindness. We will use visualisation – a powerful practice that is uplifting and full of light and love. Slowly we find ourselves letting go of negative patterns and thoughts within our minds and embracing the spiritual practice of compassion.

‘How wonderful it is that I may be able to benefit countless others through discovering my own inner light.’

Purifying Buddhist Mantra

Cleanse Your Being – Remove Obstacles and Negativities.

medicine buddha silent yoga retreat

Combined with our Inner Light meditation we will take the Buddhist Bodhisattva -Bhaiṣajyaguru or Medicine Buddha (depicted above) – as our guide, and chant this healing mantra so that we we can purify negativity from whenever we have broken a vow or created any other kind of negative karma. 

This mantra also encourages great compassion and kindness to all beings.

You can imagine your mind as being like a sky through which clouds pass. The clouds come and they go, but the sky remains untouched. The sky is inherently blue and clear, and although its blueness and clarity can be obscured it can never be destroyed. The clouds are like the greed, hatred, and delusion that pollute the mind. Because of the transient nature of these mental states, they cannot be said to be an inherent part of the mind. They may obscure the mind’s inherent awareness and compassion, but those qualities are never absent.


Amarant Retreat – Luxury in the Yarra Ranges

This silent yoga retreat is being held at the stunning Amarant Retreat, about 70km north east of Melbourne. The luxurious, restful, and peaceful surrounds of Amarant are perfect for your deep inner yogic practices. Amarant rests in 25 acres of magical temperate-rainforest on Mount Ben Cairn in the Yarra Ranges National Park, visited daily by birds and other wildlife residing in the surrounding forest.

The building is set over 3 split levels providing plenty of private space for sleeping, relaxing and talking to fellow retreatants. There is one 4-share room available, all other accommodation is twin share. At Amarant Retreat it is easy to unwind and find a place of inner calm, either outside in the beautiful forest and gardens or inside curled up by the fire. The native birds visit daily, their calls the perfect soundtrack for early morning meditation.

inner light yoga retreat
silent yoga retreat
silent yoga retreat


On this silent yoga retreat the food we will eat is of an Ayurvedic nature – vegetarian and well balanced for all constitutions. The menu is designed to take into consideration times of the day and the current season. Meals are simple, fresh and natural. The following foods are not included on this retreat as they have negative effects on the mind:

•  eggs
•  onions
•  garlic
•  mushrooms
•  tomatoes
•  chillies of any type

Please inform us if you have any special dietary requirements, we will try to accommodate these.


The guidelines for the silent yoga retreat here are to assist your practice and facilitate a deeper experience.

Simple Guidelines

• Attendance at all sessions is required. If you are sick, or cannot attend for any other reasons, please inform Sanjay.
• You must attend each session promptly.
• Silence is to be kept from waking up to after you finish lunch.
• You are requested to stay in the Amarant grounds throughout the yoga retreat.
• No visitors will be allowed during the yoga retreat.


Keep the five Mahayana Precepts

• no killing
• no stealing
• no lying
• no sexual misconduct
• no tobacco, alcohol or other mind altering substances.


What not to Bring

• Mobile phones are not allowed during the course, and you will be requested to deposit your mobile device upon arrival.
• Do not bring any non-yogic reading material. A journal is ok.
• Phones will not be available during the retreat except in urgent cases.

There will be no internet access for retreat participants. For emergencies there will be an email and phone number which you can give to your family etc. You will be informed of any emergency.


The prices for the Inner Light Silent Yoga Retreat cover your Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Purifying Buddhist Mantra teaching and practice sessions, luxurious accommodation and delicious meals.

All share accommodation is single beds.

Delux 4 Share

$775 pp

3 places remaining

This option has 4 single beds sharing 1 bathroom.

Delux 2 Share

$885 pp

9 twin share places remaining

Each have private bathrooms.

Delux Single

$995 pp

1 place remaining

Double bed with shared bathroom.

Phoenix Members, students, concession card holders receive 10% off these prices.

A $200 deposit is required to confirm your booking, full payment to secure your place. All payments are refundable up to 14 days before the commencement of the retreat, minus booking fees of 5%. Full cost of the retreat will be forfeited if participant cancels within 14 days and the start of the retreat.

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