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Information & Etiquette

Practice Mindfulness

Earn good karma by refreshing yourself on yoga etiquette.

1. Arrive 10 minutes before class.

Lives are busy, we understand! Try your best to arrive at least 10 minutes before class to ensure you get a spot in the class. Reserving is your best bet to guarantee your spot, but you are still required to arrive 10 minutes before the class starts or your reservation will go to another guest.


If you arrive early you can put your shoes away, get checked in, fill your water bottle and get yourself set up in the yoga room without feeling stressed out.

Plus – yogis who arrive early get a pre-class savasana that gets you into the right mindset to take full advantage of the time you’ve dedicated to yourself and your body.

2. Refrain from using your mobile phone.

In a world where selfie opportunities could strike at any time, we get why you might want your mobile close at hand. However, chatting on phones can be really disruptive to guests. A lot of people enjoy meditating and (like you) have invested their time and money into their experience. Please be respectful and turn your phone off. It’s best to leave it sleeping soundly in the change room.

There are small shelves in Studio 1 and a shelf at the back of Studio 2 to place your more expensive belongings such as your phone, purse or wallet and car keys, if you don’t want to leave them in the change room.

3. Yoga studios are perfume-free zones.

In a space where deep breathing is a requirement, it’s common courtesy to refrain from using scents. Some guests are sensitive to them and it can also be distracting. Tip: instead, pack your scent in your yoga bag for a post-yoga spritz once you’ve left the studio.

From time to time we do turn on our essential oil vaporises to help freshen the air before or after a class. If you are feeling unwell or find them to be too distracting please speak to the teacher. Your feedback is always welcome.

4. Know when to “shhhhhh”.

Being able to ‘read the air’ can come in handy when entering the yoga room. It is common practice to refrain from speaking whilst in the yoga room before class.

Feel free to join us in the reception lounge for a cup of tea if the need to converse strikes you!

5. Place your mat and belongings down gently.

Nothing’s worse than being jolted out of meditation by a mat snapping out of its rolled state to be slapped onto the ground to secure a spot. Please tip toe into the yoga room and place your mat down gently, your yogi neighbour will thank you for being so mindful!

6. Make room for others.

If the room is starting to fill up, be open to moving your mat over a tad to accommodate a neighbour. Arrived early to get your favourite spot? We get it. But, at the end of the day we’re all here to practice and share this space together, let’s try to accommodate and support one another on our journeys. The more really is the merrier when it comes to yogic energy!

7. If you must leave early, put your mat by the door.

Staying for savasana means you can get the most out of your class, but if you must leave early tell the teacher before-hand, place your mat by the door and sneak out quietly.

Leaving early must be arranged with the teacher upon arrival.

8. Put your stuff away after class, and wipe the floor if necessary.

Used a prop? No problem! Please put it neatly away before you leave the yoga room. If you were in a particularly sweaty class consider wiping the floor around your mat if you’ve dripped a bit. We don’t want any yogis slipping on sweat while they exit the room!

If you have hired a mat, please give it a wipe down with the spray provided and hang it back up in the hallway rack area.

9. Barefoot Beauties

We love those shoes you’re wearing! However, we’d really appreciate you leaving them neatly stored away in the change rooms. Embrace the freedom of walking around our centre barefoot!

Thank you for being such a wonderful yogi! If you have other questions, they may be answered in commonly asked questions:


Commonly Asked Questions

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