Indian Face Massage

 A deeply relaxing facial, which rejuvenates and revitalizes.


An Indian face massage with kansa wand shows instant results of increased blood flow, a naturally hydrated glowing even skin tone, with fine lines smoothed.

What is an Indian Face Massage?


Our face reflects what is happening in our lives. When we are stress free, our facial muscles feel light with our skin as luminous as the moon.

As the demands of a busy life take over, we suffer eye strain, a tight jaw, and are prone to headaches, stiffness through the neck and shoulders, not to mention disturbed sleep.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

In Ayurvedic tradition, these discomforts can be relieved through receiving a Kansa Wand facial massage. The Kansa Wand is made from the healing metals of copper, zinc and tin (bronze) which have a powerful effect on the body’s energetics. No electronic devices or harmful radiations are used. The metal creates its own natural electrical conductivity drawing impurities up to the skins’ surface.


• Improves Blood and Lymphatic circulation
• Helps to reduce symptoms of Migraines
• Offers relief to Hay fever and Sinusitis sufferers
• De-stresses the eyes from excessive screen usage
• Relieves tight TMJ or other jaw related discomforts
• Induces a better quality of sleep
• Sedates the mind and body
• Revitalizes tired faces and aching necks
• Removes toxins and combats the effects of pollution to the skin
• Calms inflammation and redness of the skin
• Speeds up skin cell renewal for a brighter, more toned complexion

What to expect

• A warm aromatic compress is placed on the face, to help relax the muscles and open the pores.

• The skin is then cleansed with rosewater and a saffron based oil is applied to the face and neck.

• The Kansa wand moves in rhythmical patterns over the face, scalp and neck, massaging all your tension away, for a blissful 45 minutes.

How will you feel

Common experiences include:

“My fine lines seem to have disappeared.”

“It felt so relaxing, like I had dropped down into a different state altogether.”

“My skin actually looks plumper, and there’s more definition around my cheekbones and eyes – it’s amazing.”

“This is Ayurveda’s natural answer to Botox!”

“I’ve never had just my face massaged before. It was perfectly lovely, like I had actually had a whole body massage”.


45 minutes $75

Indian Face Massage is available on Saturdays and most Fridays.

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Your Indian Face massage will be with Nicole who has been offering her healing services since 2001.

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