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Fascia Restructuring

~ 10 Week Course ~

Start to strengthen and energise your body.

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This course is a specialised training to improve body functionality.

The exercises we employ are done using the feet and hands.

You do not need to have practiced yoga before as this is not a yoga class.


Watch Jannin talk about her experience of the course.

Move Love from Students

People are just loving this course!


I found the fascia restructuring course very interesting and useful.

I can’t believe how much it has taught me to further engage my legs and abdominal muscles.

It’s the perfect compliment to yoga body awareness. It has helped teach me about the whole body experience in movement and in turn make activities easier and me feel stronger and lighter.

I am rapt that I can apply the simple exercises to my daily activities for the rest of my life to continue to gain the benefits.

Thanks once again for your very specialist knowledge.


Loved the fascia course!

Sanjay is encouraging and challenged us to work at our individual pace.

Have been doing 3 of the exercises 3 times a week. I can REALLY feel the benefits from it.

I love the benefits so much I’m incorporating some of these exercises into my yoga practice.



For anyone who is interested in functional movement, I highly recommend attending Sanjay’s Fascia Restructuring course.

It is the first step to learn how to increase exercise efficiency, minimise fitness injuries, and a stepping stone into spatial awareness in movement.

The course changes the experience in how one approaches fitness.


I am almost dancing around the house now! My feet and legs are stronger and lighter.

I surprised myself when I realised I was on tip toe, easily reaching an item from the pantry.

Highly recommend!


Overall my feet feel more alive (we tend to take them for granted).

They are definitely stronger and my balance has improved because of that.

Very pleased to feel the response in my feet.


A few months after this course I feel that my stability and core has improved, I can feel it when I play badminton as well.

What is Fascia?

The fascia is like a 3 dimensional web of connective tissue that supports your entire body. It surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place.

As well as providing internal structure, fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up.

Although fascia looks like one sheet of tissue, it’s actually made up of multiple layers with liquid in between called hyaluronan. It’s designed to stretch as you move.

Healing Fascia

Fascia grows, strengthens and heals with the assistance of ‘fibroblasts’. These fibroblasts are the most common type of cell found in connective tissue.

Fibroblasts secrete collagen proteins that are used to maintain a structural framework for many tissues. They also play an important role in healing wounds.

Through focused physical movement we can begin to activate fibroblasts, increasing their potential to grow and heal our connective tissue.

What’s the Secret?

Ever wondered how lean, relatively thin looking individuals can have so much strength and endurance?

You guessed it! It’s the fascia. Muscles may look great, and do provide more strength, but they also require a large amount of nutrients to support their activity.

Alternatively, the connective tissue doesn’t require the same level of nutrients to give a sustaining output of energy.

We may also correct postural misalignment and seemingly ‘tight’ muscles by concentrating on the connective tissue.

Our Focus

Over 10 weeks we will focus primarily on the feet, engaging new movements to increase the activity of fibroblasts.

As fascia is connected like web all throughout your body, the work we will do in the feet will gradually influence the entire fascia structure of the body – marvellous!

Particularly we will start noticing:

• More balance in the feet
• Stronger legs
• Firmer buttocks muscles
• More ease in walking
• More endurance and ease of breathing


What is Fascia?

What are Fibroblasts?

Your Fascia Teacher

Sanjay has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. More recently he started working with the healing qualities of fascia and developing the skills required to target connective tissue growth. He has found this work to be very beneficial for developing a stronger, well-connected body.

More About Sanjay



We focus our exercises on the feet as there are a multitude of nerve endings and pressure points which link to all other parts of the body. This can be envisaged like a reflexology chart.

Our sessions will include:

• Specific exercises to trigger fibroblast activity, primarily in the feet

• Stretching

• Rolling

• Discussion

I Would Like A Private Session

This course meets 10 times over 12 weeks. We will not have class 9 March (Labour Day weekend), and 30 March (Easter).

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