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We are so happy to announce our first two Phoenix Yoga Studios members!!!

Mun and Shae have been practising yoga on a off for quite a number of years and feel completely at home at Phoenix.


They have become regular faces here and we always feel very happy to see them.


Here is what they each have to say about how yoga has and does make them feel.


“Yoga has always been a presence in my life, but up until two years ago it wasn’t as important to me as it is now.

Two years ago I was involved in a life changing accident after falling 15 metres while rock climbing in the Blue Mountains with my Fiancé. Both of us suffered severe injuries and having to learn to walk again after breaking our legs and much more.

Yoga helped to teach me how to breathe properly after puncturing my lungs and accept the changes in my body, while learning to move again. Acceptance is probably the biggest thing I have learnt, every day is different and you can only do what you can do.  Many people feel intimidated by attending a yoga class for the first time, but little does everyone know, the individual journey each person in the room has taken to be there present at that moment.

Yoga is now a very important part of my life. I love attending early morning classes at Phoenix where you can watch the sun rise through the windows throughout the class.”


“I have always worked out in the gym. Attended spinning/cycling, body pump, combat etc.  None of these had ever given me such a wonderful feeling as what yoga has. 

Yoga has helped me to gain more strength, not just physically but mentally as well. I became more calm, patient, open minded, self assured, accepting of myself of others.

Overall I feel happy!”

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  • Tania says:

    I can relate to these 2 ladies and how yoga at Phoenix is amazing and so beneficial to health and well being. As I suffer from fibromyalgia, lower back pain, compressed spine and degenerative discs, practising yoga has help my conditions that I never thought would do so. It also helps that when walking into phoenix is calming, relaxing and has a positive vibe along with a great instructor Sanjay. He has been amazing and helpful. In all im a member that is extremely happy, content and look forward to receiving great benefits from Phoenix yoga.

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