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Doongalla Yoga and Brunch Feb 2018

Our second Yoga and Brunch met with a glorious sunny morning, the air cool and sweet, with a hint eucalyptus. 

We began seated, connecting to mother nature. Listening to the quiet sound of our breath and the call of parrots in the nearby trees. The following yoga practice warmed up our bodies, and the open sky aided the feeling of boundlessness as we flowed through our practice. Towards the end we gathered in a circle under a tree and allowed our minds to bask in the serenity of Doongalla for a 15 minute meditation.

At 11:30am we tucked into some delicious vegetarian and vegan food made by Sanjay and his brother David.

Conversation, connection, openness, relaxation and enjoyment.

Thanks for coming to share your yoga with each other at this very special ‘place of peace’ (the meaning of Doongalla).

Here’s a video and Sanjay and Emine doing a ‘flip.’

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