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Day Retreat – A Day in the Life of a Yogi

April 2017

There’s nothing better than escaping up the mountain for some rejuvenation and inner connection.

Even though the forecast was for rainy day, we decided that nothing would stop us from meditating at Olinda Falls. Umbrellas in hand, we walk through the lush Eucalyptus forest on Mount Dandenong, making ourselves comfortable and warm at the falls. The sound of the water was hypnotising and we soon drifted off into meditation bliss.

A silent walk back, we began our yoga practice, warming up the joints and muscles in the ever so beautiful Kumbada Studio. Every time the Phoenix yogis come to this place they are in awe of just how lovely it is when they step inside.

An Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch awaited us – nourishing us even further!

This was followed by an hour of vedic and buddhist chanting, steeping our minds and hearts in compassionate bliss.

And to finish the day, we danced are butts off! Hula hoops, conga lines and limbo arches to boot!

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