Emine Gurleyen’s classes focus on developing new and improved physical and mental habits to connect the body and mind. 

Emine’s Class Timetable

Why I love what I do

I believe it is one of life’s greatest joys to teach what you love.

When I started practicing yoga, I fell in love with the physical aspect of the practice; how liberating it feels when your body becomes stronger and more flexible. But soon enough I learned that the benefits to mind and spirit are even more wonderful. Yoga allows us to peel away layers of conditioning that have accumulated over time.

My intention when teaching is to provide a safe, nurturing space where students can look within and reconnect to their true Self; and ultimately, connect to a larger purpose. emine gurleyen

emine gurleyen


Emine Gurleyen (pronounced Em in Air) was born in Melbourne, Victoria. She began practicing yoga for the mental health benefits and to feel more grounded and calm. Yoga gave her the tools to manage stressful life situations and opened up a pathway of self-discovery.

In 2015, Emine joined Phoenix Yoga Studios as a student and enjoyed being part of the wonderful community of yogis. She then moved to Mornington and continued to practice at various studios before completing her teacher training in 2019 with the intention of deepening her own practice. However, over the course of the teacher training, she realised a passion for sharing yoga with others and decided to pursue teaching.

Emine continues to work full time and enjoys a balance between the hustle and bustle of full-time work and the warm, nurturing environment of teaching yoga.  Emine Gurleyen

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•  200hr Teacher Training (2019) Yoga with Georgia (Mount Eliza, Australia)