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dharma day retreat

Dharma Day Retreat

Slowly through our practice, we begin to find the missing pieces of the puzzle, giving purpose to our existence. 

Explore the Mahayana Buddhist teachings with Sanjay.

Past Dharma Day Retreat

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'Start Where You Are'

dharma day retreat

‘Start Where You Are’

On this Dharma Day Retreat we focused on:

What is our current situation?

And how did we get here?

Where to now?

Based on the 4 Nobles Truths and the development of a strong motivation for your practice.

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Listen to Session 1 - 1hr 25mins

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Listen to Session 2 - 1hr 19mins

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Listen to Final Meditation - 19mins

Your Teacher

Sanjay has been studying Mahayana Buddhism since 2008.  This tradition aims to train the mind in both wisdom and compassion – the two elements of the enlightened mind.

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