Corporate Packages

Want to add some happiness to your workplace?

Corporate yoga, meditation and massage are a wonderful gift to your staff.

• Increase employee productivity
• Decrease stress and anxiety in the workplace
• Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover
• Improve employee health and wellbeing
• Promotes a healthy work/life balance

corporate yoga
corporate yoga
corporate yoga

So many great reasons…


Stress Reduction – One of the most beneficial aspects of a yoga, meditation or massage. Corporate Yoga is fun and increases the natural happy drug called endorphins. Happier people equals a happier workplace. Meditation and Massage help clear the mind and reduce tension and anxiety.

Stimulation from Exercise – Taking a short time out from a routine job or sitting in front of the computer means that staff can remain alert and motivated throughout the entire day. Corporate Yoga encourages deep breathing not to mention the stretching of the body.

Morale – Higher morale means more employees are happy with their job and doing their part to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Yoga can bring employees together and boost morale in your workplace. Meditation and Massage bring a sense of peace which improves communication and productivity between staff members.


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• One time special event

• 4 Week Wellness Package – yoga x2, meditation x1, massage x1

• 4 Week Single Package – one modality

• Ongoing Package – tailored modalities

Sessions can be at your workplace in a separate room or arrange a private session at Phoenix.


Monday to Friday

Before work, After work or Lunchtime

Session Length

30 to 120 minutes. Massage minimum booking 3hrs.

Tailored to suit your team.

Contact us to arrange a Corporate Package.


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