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chair yoga

Chair Yoga

A gentle form of yoga that can be practiced while sitting on a chair or using a chair for support during standing poses.

Starting Thursday 25 July

7 weeks, 11am – 12pm

After class enjoy complementary tea with your yoga friends.

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chair yoga

About Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is especially beneficial for people who have difficulty with traditional yoga due to age, mobility issues, or chronic conditions.

It is a versatile and adaptive practice that can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals at any fitness level. It offers a way to enjoy the benefits of yoga without the need for extensive equipment or physical capability, making it an excellent choice for maintaining physical and mental health.

chair yoga

chair yoga

Key Benefits

Accessibility: Makes yoga accessible to those with physical limitations or who find it difficult to get down to and up from the floor.

Flexibility: Helps improve flexibility and range of motion, which can reduce stiffness and increase ease of movement.

Strength: Builds strength, particularly in the core, legs, and arms, through various poses and movements.

Balance: Enhances balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls.

Relaxation: Promotes relaxation and stress relief through breathing exercises and mindful movements.

Pain Management: Can help manage chronic pain conditions by reducing tension and improving circulation.

Your Teacher

Sanjay has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. During that time he has come across varying abilities, ages and body types. He believes that yoga is everyone, that there is always something that can be gained from it’s practice.

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Starts Thursday 25 July

11am – 12pm

Complementary tea after class.

7 Weeks

chair yoga

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