Mindful Awareness


Mindful Awareness


Mindful Awareness

Meditation Course 8 Feb - 1 Mar

Beginner Meditation Course

~ Mindful Awareness ~

Open your heart and mind by being more attentive to your thoughts and daily activities.
beginner meditation course
Starts Wednesday 1 June 7pm – 7:45pm

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beginner meditation course

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.
beginner meditation course
The ancient sages would leave their homes, families and friends and go off into the mountains and forests.

There they would sit in quiet solitude for years to discover the methods of attaining deep connection within themselves – leading them towards enlightenment.

Mindful Awareness is the first step to turning inwards and becoming attuned to your thoughts and actions.
beginner meditation course
Through this practice we begin to develop an understanding of our mental habits. We begin to see from our heart rather than from our ego. Our actions then start being of true benefit to ourselves and others.

Changes noticed from taking this course:

I have experienced increased mindfulness, improved sleep, lowered stress levels.

Awareness of my internal motivations, and greater discipline. It has inspired me to make some lifestyle changes that I have wanted to for a while but never taken action on.


EVERYTHING!! I'm more aware of myself, my emotions, my life.


Your Beginner Meditation Course Teacher

Sanjay has been meditating for over 20 years. He has studied and practiced many techniques including ‘still mind’, ‘analytical’ and ‘mindful’ meditation.

He has completed a number of meditation retreats, among them one of 3 months, based on special Buddhist practices for purification, at Kopan Monastery in Nepal.
beginner meditation course
Sanjay’s daily practice includes Tibetan Buddhist meditation on compassion and wisdom.beginner meditation course

More About Sanjay

There are many benefits to practicing meditation and mindfulness for both the physical body and our minds. Deep healing and lasting happiness, not to mention the benefit it brings to those around you.

In this beginner meditation course:

• What is Mindfulness?
• Why do we do it?
• Having the right motivation.
• How do we do it? – looking at 4 techniques to bring calm and attentiveness.

This is a 4 week course. Open to anyone wishing to find peace and happiness in their life. meditation course


Includes a manual and 4 audio meditations.

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Online via Zoom
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