21 Day Yoga Challenge

Get ready for a new yoga you – become the Phoenix.

yoga challenge
The 21 Day Yoga Challenge is open to anyone who wishes to become the Phoenix – shedding the old and transforming into a new way of being.
yoga challenge
21 days is all you need to create a new habit, and refreshed version of YOU.

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yoga challenge

Core Requirements

A dedicated yogi will traditionally practice physically for 6 days of the week. The remaining day would be for rest, meditation and breathwork.
yoga challenge
Complete 18 classes (this is the minimum, but you can do more!)
– attend any class on the regular timetable
– you can take two classes in one day to make up for missed classes

yoga challenge

Bonus Extras

10 min meditation each day – guided meditations given

Daily inspiration – sent to your email

1 day fast + detox – details given at first meeting

yoga challenge

Yoga Challenge Benefits

• Toned body
• Clearer skin
• Increased energy
• Improved sleep
• Stronger willpower
• Clearer mind
• Open heart

Previous Challenge Participant

After the yoga challenge I wanted to continue on the amazing journey I started, the more I practiced the more my body wanted to move, breath, relax and enjoy the practice. I felt so strong, I noticed a big change in my body – I lost 6cm from my hips in just 21 days – a totally unexpected result. My posture was very improved, my neck injury had basically disappeared, my migraines had never been so infrequent, my sleep was rejuvenating, my digestion felt like it was turbo charged – I was bright, alert, focused but relaxed, no stress.

It was the best month of my yoga journey so far. – Kylie

I felt motivated, inspired by the affirmations and focused after meditating. I felt physically stronger and wanted to use the affirmations to improve my attitude to others. Overall great experience!


As a working mum the challenge motivated me to establish positive habits associated with my practice. Combining daily meditation and mindfulness practice with my yoga has been step one on this journey. I gained increased awareness, strength and flexibility and felt supported by the Pheonix staff and other challengers. Highly, highly recommend, and I'll most certainly do it again!!

yoga challenge

Next Yoga Challenge

yoga challenge
Starts 11 July 2022


This is a special discounted price for completing the challenge. If you don’t meet the 18 classes target over the 21 days you will be charged an extra $62, bringing your payment to the regular unlimited no contract membership price.

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